Ford & Stanley Company Away Day 2018

To celebrate the success and growth seen by the company since the last Company Away Day, on Friday 19th October 2018, Ford & Stanley headed back to the luxurious Belfry Hotel and Golf Resort. 

The first half of the day was dedicated to one of the 5 core company values; Trust.

Considering the many ways in which Ford & Stanley can embody trust both internally and externally, each team member had the opportunity to voice their opinion and provide their suggestions as we enter the last few months of a successful 2018.  

Temperatures plummet for team-building activities  

Following a hot buffet and the addition of a woolly hat or two, it was time for the day’s second activity; the Snowdome.

Split into three teams, each employee certainly gave it their all in the hope to win the 1st prize trophy. This could only be done with brilliant determination, stamina and most importantly – teamwork. 

After the gruelling ‘Ice Trike Racing’ and a surprisingly difficult ‘Uphill Snow Challenge’, congratulations were due to the winning team – Team 2!

Though at the Snowdome for no longer than 3 hours, everyone showed great appreciation for some well-deserved downtime – the onsite Spa proving a particularly popular choice. 

Ford & Stanley Academy Awards and 2018 Pub Quiz

Evening came and with it brought the glitz and the glamour, as the Ford & Stanley team joined together to toast to another brilliant Company Away day. After a champagne drinks reception and an impressive three course meal, it was time for the Ford & Stanley Academy Awards. 

Hosted by David Colbourne and Marissa Gerard (who deserve an award themselves for pure comedic value), the light-hearted awards were given to 8 individuals who each bring something different to the team. The awards ranged from; the ‘Teenagers Bedroom Award’, the ‘Every Day is Friday Award’, the ‘Class Comedian Award’ and many more. 

Well done to the winners; Alex Hoe, Rory Peverell, Emma Watkins, Matty Henry, Aneeta Pabla, Jonathon Levers, Jessica Jones and Nick Nunn. 

Once the buzz of the impressive awards speeches had worn off, Daniel Taylor tested general knowledge with his renowned ‘Pub Quiz’. With a bottle of Moet as the prize – competitive sides came out for the second time in the day.

The fun didn’t stop there…

Taking advantage of the onsite Bel Air Nightclub, the day drew to a close in the form of singing and dancing till the early hours of Saturday morning.

All in all, yes – the day gave the team the chance to strengthen relationships and have a brilliant time together as colleagues and friends. However, it was also the perfect opportunity to reflect on how Ford & Stanley have grown over the past 12 months, and look forward as one collective team as 2018 draws to an end. 



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