Christmas 2018 – ‘Tis the season of giving…

2018 was a year of growth and innovation for the Ford & Stanley Group. Milestones such as the grand opening of our new Birmingham office, the high demand for our bespoke GENIUS Performance services and a record number of new employees making their way through our unique training programme – meant that Christmas came with celebration and excitement for the new year ahead. 

We took this as an opportunity to say Merry Christmas and “thank you” to all those who have worked in partnership with us and supported us throughout this year of great achievements. 

Trust, innovation and relationships run through the DNA of Ford & Stanley – so it seemed only right to express our best wishes and gratitude in a way more personal than a box of chocolates or a bottle of bubbly. 

Therefore, rather than the usual corporate gifts, we asked those we have had the pleasure of working with during 2018 to nominate a charity close to their heart – regardless of size or mission. The money traditionally spent on standard gifts was then used to make a donation to each charity on their behalf. 

As December drew to a close, our Ford & Stanley elves were hard at work behind the scenes – making donations to charities of all types. From large charities such as Railway Children and Alzheimer’s Society to independent Just Giving pages for family members and friends – we can safely say that each and every nominated charity truly deserved every gift. 

Thank you to all those who suggested a charity; our elves were overwhelmed by the response and touched by the messages received.

All donations have now been made, meaning the money is being used for over 20 different brilliant causes across the globe. 

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